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Steel Supplies

There are many benefits to using steel for building projects, machinery and fencing. Strong and weather-resistant, especially so for stainless steel, steel is also a cost effective and durable solution for many outdoor and indoor applications.

With a large range of tools and machinery on hand, combined with a knowledgeable and well skilled team, we can fabricate steel into a large range of products and materials which can be used for everything from construction/building needs down to workshop and fencing

We stock a wide variety of steel supplies suitable for residential, commercial and industrial purposes including pre-fabricated residential and commercial products, We also welcome walk-ins for any and all steel supplies.
Our stock of steel supplies include:
  • Full lengths of RHS & SHS (with the ability to cut size)
  • Pipe and Tubing Lengths
  • Flat Bar
  • Round Bar
  • Angle-Bar
  • Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Plate Steel
  • All in Galvanised, Painted or Mill Finished
Our team consists of skilled tradespeople who are qualified to handle even the most complex of projects. If you need something that can be made from steel, we have you covered.

If you are unsure of exactly what you need for your project, come in and see the team as we are happy to help work out and advise you on the best materials and fabrication designs required.

We service all areas from Brisbane to Rockhampton and all surrounding areas including South East Queensland, Wide Bay-Burnett and Central QLD.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’re always happy to run through the full scope of our products and services with you.